Here’s A Stupidly Simple Cash Cow, and it’s free! :-)

I recently posted this on the Warrior forum and as of today it has over 31,000 hits and almost 1,100 posted replies! It has been listed now as THE BEST thread in the entire history of the forum. πŸ˜‰
You can get a great version of a teleseminar I did with Willie Crawford that covers this method in detail here:
It’s FREE by the way…
Hey Warriors,

I was recently approached at an event I was speaking at and asked,”How can I generate some quick cash? Is there an honest way of doing that?”

When I explained this method-everybody started writing, so I thought I would share it with my fellow warriors.

I named this: “A Stupidly Simple Cash Cow” or how to generate emergency money NOW!

Start this today and I’m sure it will carry you through the holiday crunch.

This is very easy to do and can generate at least $1,000-$1,500
within the next few days!

First, you need to find some local business owners who need
what you’re about to offer them here. No, you won’t be pounding
the pavement or cold calling anyone….they will be calling YOU.

You can use a couple of methods to find these clients.

1. You can simply go to the phone book and look up businesses in
your local area. Write down any business that you want. You will
use that list to check the internet in a minute or two, so keep it
handy. Some listings will include the business url.

2. OR you get an in depth “drill down” listing from GoLeads
which will give you tons of information on all businesses in ANY
geographic area. Cost is about $15 for unlimited access. πŸ™‚
(No, I’m not an affiliate but it works.)

Once you have your list, about 25-30 is all you need to start. Look
them up on the internet to see if they have a website. For this
particular deal you want them to have a website. (If they don’t
have a site yet, that’s a different model.)

Once you have a few of the websites, visit them.

Here’s what you’re looking for: Any business site that does not have a
capture mechanism installed on their FRONT page.

In other words, they need to have an auto-responder opt in form
on their front page. If they don’t….you’re in for some quick cash.

When you have about 25-30 “prospects” send them this letter:

************************************************** *
Mr./Ms. ___________

My name is ______________ and I am a local e-commerce
business consultant.

I know your time is valuable, as is mine so I’ll get right to the
point. If I could show you an unused asset that you ALREADY
have that could make you thousands of dollars, would you be
willing to speak with me for 15 minutes?

This free consultation can save you as much as 50% of your
entire monthly advertising budget AND bring you brand new
customers at the same time! The best part is that you already
have it, so the cost to implement this marketing weapon is

Please call me at (your number) at your earliest convenience to
schedule a free “no strings” consultation. I promise you, it will be
worth your time.

Yours in business,
Your name
Contact info
************************************************** ***

That’s it! Believe me when I say that your phone will ring off the
hook. DO NOT mass mail that letter! You really only need to mail
25-30 per week and you’ll be busy.

Now that you have the clients calling you, the next step is to set a
consultation appointment and meet them. The unused asset they
have is of course their website which has no list building

The “money is in the list” applies to ALL businesses, not just
online marketers. By building a proper list they can cut their
advertising dollars at least in half. Just send a customer blast
about an upcoming sale instead of paying $4,000 for a full page

You follow me here?

All you have to do is set up an auto-responder opt in form on their existing site! That’s it.

I have coaching students who are making $250-$500 a deal with
just this method. It’s very easy to generate 4, 5 or even 6 deals
per week this way. Heck, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to put
the form on their site and that’s if you’re slow!
(Outsource it to fellow warriors if you have too.)

I usually visit their site, right click and select “view source” and
save it in notepad. Then I open the notepad in an html editor and
install the form.

*NOTE* I can use their AR service or mine. You’ll just have to
work the minor details out with them. Don’t turn it into a can
of worms-KISS

I use Trellian pagebuilder, which is free and allows me to preview
the finished site. Once I’m done I save it as, “theirsitename.html”
send it to their programmer and they can swap it. Otherwise, you
have get all the login info, etc. from the owner.
(I charge $50 if I have to load it.)

In either case this usually leads to a question from the owner,
“who is going to write the emails” which is another monetization
chapter for later….

Just so you know, almost half of all the sites I look at fall into the
category of no capture system. It may be more or less where you
live, but it’s a rampant problem….everywhere. Why? Because
they simply don’t understand e-commerce.

By the way, GoLeads will also give you the name of the business
owner, number of employees, etc. Do your first one the hard way
if you have to, but it’s worth the $15 to be able to put their name
on the letter.

Response rates will triple if you use their name and this little trick:

Stamp “CONFIDENTIAL” in red block letters on the front of the
envelope. This will make them put your letter in the “open later”
pile instead of straight into the trash.

It’s a simple but effective strategy especially if you use their name.
You can get a confidential stamp at Staples for $5.
I’ve used the same one for years.

Keep this in mind. People sort their mail while standing over the
trash can. You do it, so you know it’s true. You have to have
something that stands out and says, “This might be important, I’ll
look at it later.”

Change their cash register and credit card terminal receipt to
read, “For Preferred Customer Discounts Sign Up At: (their

There is a toll free number on the side of every register
and terminal for support. Just call them and they will walk you
through changing it. It only takes about 10 minutes.

This strategy is awesome because it does two major jobs when it
comes to marketing.

1. It captures all their current customers because everybody
reads their receipt, and everybody wants to be a preferred
customer to get discounts. It also captures all walk in traffic that
actually BUY something. Which leads us to:

2. A list of nothing but BUYERS of their product. No tirekickers or
browsers, buyers only! You may need to clarify to them exactly
why that’s so powerful.

Now you’ve made a client for life and there are tons of other
methods to help them, and generate a great living for you as

I’ve just shared a tested, proven method to generate some
serious emergency money FAST! Just copy and paste the direct
mail letter and get to work.

You can do this.

I told you it was stupidly simple, and it works because it really is
helping them, and that’s what it’s all about.

Make it a great marketing day,

David Preston

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The Secret To Website Traffic

The Secret To Website Traffic

For the most part there is no “big” secret to generating
traffic to your websites. If there was, it wouldn’t be
secret for long!

In my experience people just won’t put the daily effort
into traffic generation. Daily effort is the missing key
for most marketers. Just an hour a day consistently will
usually turn around most websites.

There are tons of traffic exchanges, link traders, ad sites
and a myriad of other programs that all promise to deliver
the traffic you so desperately need. Do any of them really
work? If you choose one program and consistently work it,
it may produce more traffic for you.

The problem is that there are so many it’s very easy for
a marketer to “jump ship” frequently and move to another.
You try it for a couple of days and when it doesn’t provide
instant gratification, you leave it and move on….correct?

If you abandon this “instant gratification” mentality you’re
going to have a much better chance getting where you need to be.
Choose ONE and work it everyday. Focus on the longterm benefits
it will produce and you will finally start to see some results.

Everyday the first thing I do is write a post or an article I
can use to generate traffic to one of my sites. I then post
that to the article directories, my blogs and my social networks.
I do this consistenly everyday, no excuses.

Twice per week I also use this method to drive traffic to build
my list. It generates roughly 200-300 new listmembers per month.
I give away an ebook on traffic generation in exchange for their
putting their name on my list. (You can use a PLR product too!)

I also have one system I use that’s one of freebies out there. It
generates traffic 10 levels deep and works well. It works well
because I work it, everyday without fail. I didn’t choose this
one for any particular reason but I knew if I consistently worked
just about ANY of them, it would eventually produce results.

Again, get habitually consistent and you’ll start to see some
amazing results in your marketing efforts.


P.S. You can grab a free copy of my “Secrets To Web Traffic Overdrive” for more tips.

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My Wife Is Cheating With Willie Crawford!

My Wife Is Cheating With Willie Crawford!

I should have realized something was going on
when my wife came home with a new Coach purse.

I asked her why in the world would she would
spend $500 on a purse. Her reply was, “Willie
Crawford bought it for me.”

I knew something was afoot so I did some major
questioning! Here’s what I found out.

Susan, my wife wanted to start a business of
her own online, just to show me she could.

So she went through Willie’s best selling ebook
of all time, 20 Ways To Make $100 A Day on the
internet. She set up her site and hit Willie’s
help desk for guidance on marketing.

We’re VERY good friends with Willie and his wife,
Nancy so I wrongly assumed that she went to
Willie behind my back! (Which would give him
a real reason to poke fun at me the next time
I see him.)

What she actually did was go through his help desk
just like anyone can do. Ling Yu helped her get set
up and rolling the right way. Her new site is: and it’s rockin’!

So I guess it is true that Willie bought that new
Coach bag and my new tennis shoes. πŸ™‚

Everything a “newbie” needs to get started is in
that ebook, Susan is living proof that it works
and works well. So if you don’t have a clue about
how to start making money on the net, this will
get you rolling fast!


Grab a copy today and change your tomorrow. (Please
buy it because it keeps her out of MY pocket.)

And uh, thanks Willie for the new shoes…they’re cool. πŸ™‚


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David Preston Marketing Master

David Preston Marketing Master

Isn’t it funny how things kind of creep up on you?

That headline “David Preston Marketing Master” is
one that I can legitimately use now because I just
found out that, well…I am one. πŸ™‚

Let me explain. A fellow “guru” friend of mine sent
me an email with that headline as the subject. Why?
Because he works with me on several projects and he
plans on using all that information to boost HIS sales
of MY products with my credibility!

(Who said gurus are in it for themselves?)

He pointed out to me that I am now:

* Listed as an expert at one of the highest ranking
sites on the net,Β (2 million visitors monthly!)

* I’m all over the net as a speaker at many of the top
events worldwide. (I’m booked the rest of this year.)

* I’m included as a “super affiliate” in ALL the big
product launches. (I’m on the secret first alert list.)

* I’m on several talk radio/TV shows as a special guest.
(The next one is…today.)

* I’ve joint ventured with some of the biggest names on
and off the net. Willie Crawford, Frank Garon, Rob Canyon,
Michael Penland, Ross Goldberg, and too many more to list.

Why would I tell you this? For two reasons:

1. YOU can use all this information to make quite a bit
of money if you promote any of my products.

2. YOU can get in on some awesome deals just by association!

Here’s an example:

You can sign up as MY special guest for Ross Goldberg’s
“Masters Seminar” and spend some time with me and my
guru friends for TEN BUCKS! (Shhhhh….)

AND you can earn 50% promoting it paid directly into your
PayPal account. There is also a one time offer for $97
that you also earn 50% on, for ten bucks. πŸ™‚

By the way, Ross’s “virtual” live event will be the FIRST
in history. You can be a part of internet history. (Just
because you know me…:-)

Gratefully yours!

David Preston

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Online Marketing For Small Businesses

Online Marketing For Small Businesses

Copyright 2008 David Preston

When it comes to marketing online most small
business owners are just missing the boat.

Most small business owners are so heavily
entrenched in the day to day operations of
their business, they don’t have time to learn
how to market online.

More to the point is the fact that they really
don’t want to learn how to market themselves to
their internet customers.

This can be a huge opening for internet marketers!

BUT, what if you don’t have the knowledge to
effectively provide a solution for them? Not
to worry…outsource the work!

I have several coaching students who are walking
away with $3,250 in net profit while doing none
of the actual work involved. The great thing about
that is it can be done several times a week.

If you’re willing to follow a proven plan you can
also outsource the sales end of it as well. That
would make it totally hands free.

What if you had a “real pro” to walk you through
the entire process? What if they stuck with you
until you were paid for at least four packages?

That’s why my “Diamonds In Your Backyard” coaching
program stays booked! It’s fun, exciting and you
get to work with me one on one. (Until you get your
fourth check anyway.)

If that sounds like something you would like to
pursue, you can apply at:

Simply fill out the contact form and put the word
“coaching” in the comments section. You’ll get
complete details on how it all works so you can
decide if picking up checks from small business owners
is right for you.

You could be landing your first deal this week! and fill out the form to
find out how you can start a lucrative much needed
service. πŸ™‚

David Preston

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List Building Tools

List Building Tools

“The biggest list building tool of all…”

When first starting out on the net, a lot of beginners overlook
the most obvious success route of all.

Most beginners realize that in order to make sales you have to
have traffic. What you don’t realize is that it’s not the amount of
traffic you have, it’s the quality of the traffic.

Traffic specifically looking for what you have to offer is the
key to generating sales and starting your long term sales “funnel”.
Other wise, it’s almost impossible to get any traction on the road
to the internet bank.

What’s the easiest method to generate that type of traffic? With
proper list building tools of course! Needless to say, if you build
a big list… laser targetd traffic is only an email away.

Well David, how do I start list building or using list building tools
if I don’t know anything about that kind of stuff yet?

Joint Ventures remain the single biggest list building tool you can employ.

Here’s an example of exactly how any budding marketer can build a list
of high quality names dirt cheap.

This site: Secrets To Web Traffic Overdrive is one of several sites I have
that leads back to my main list. I put that page up to participate in the FREE
giveaways all over the net.

Total cost to participate as a contributor ranges from $20-$60 depending on
who is sponsoring the event. Do a Google search for “guru giveaways” or
“list bulding giveaways” and you’re on your way! They help you promote it
effectively and as a result your list grows rapidly.

My total cost on the last one was a paltry $29 and it netted me 943 new list
members who know who I am because now, I’m associated with the guru who
sponsored the event. πŸ™‚

That’s how any beginner can utilize the biggest list building tool available, even
if you don’t know anybody!

To find out how ALL joint ventures work, and how YOU can capitalize on
on the benefits I highly recommend learning from the masters. I learned
from this guy here:

Joint Venture Mastery and now you can too.
Find out more easy methods at:

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Make A Grand By Flappin’ Your Yap!?

How I Consistently Earn Thousands From One Interview

There are a lot of internet marketers “chasing the money”
who never realize that it can be right in front of them
all the time.

They get so caught up in the chase they often fail to
see the many methods of generating fast cash by being

Marketing on the net can be really tough unless you
know the right people or have a good sized list. If
you implement a different strategy, you can easily
create a windfall of payments…with no competition!

Here is a prime example of different. This method
is perfect for struggling marketers because:

* It’s very easy to implement

* It’s FREE to start and maintain

* It only takes an hour to get it rolling

* It produces immediate cashflow

* It continues to pay over and over

AND it really is easy to do!


My good friend Rob Canyon is the best I know at
capitalizing on this relativley unknown “art.”

Rob and I got together and created a killer step
by step system that shows anyone how to use this
method to start rakin’ it in fast. (Often the same day!)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know squat about
how to interview the gurus. You can get off the
ground quickly with this “lead you by the hand”

At less than $20 it’s a real bargain. πŸ™‚

Grab it today and you could be earning a thousand
a week….this week!

I might even agree to be your first “interview product.”



Check my other blogs for more easy ideas!

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How To Joint Venture With Giants!

As far as marketing is concerned joint ventures are a necessary
“skill” you MUST learn. Most marketers realize that fact but
don’t know where to turn to get the proper tools for JV’s.

Joint ventures work for both online and offline business. Offline
JV’s can generate as much as 7 figures in residual income for life,
and are easily set up if you know what to do. I have been fortunate enough to be branded as the “Offline Wizard” by many of the top marketers worldwide. In fact, over a dozen of the top internet marketers are students of mine! πŸ™‚

(For offline marketing visit

Online JV’s are completely different. One giant marketer I recently
spent the weekend with summed it up this way, “It’s not what you know or even who you know…it’s who knows YOU!” A true profound statement that I took to heart immediately.

I started my online marketing with ONE relationship this past May.
I had always worked successfully offline until my friend pushed
me toward online as well. In turn, I nudged him toward offline.
We have both profited enormously from each other since then.

Because of this one friend I have developed relationships with
some of the biggest names in marketing including, Willie Crawford,
Terry Dean,Frank Garon, Alan Bechtold, Michael Penland, Mark Hendricks, Dale Calvert, Joe Sugarman, Ross Goldberg, and way too many more to list.

In fact, one recent JV with Michael Penland generated just under 25K in one day…all because my giant friend introduced us.

My other guru friends and I have finally convinced this industry
giant to teach others exactly how to do what he is doing for all
of us. There’s no hype or nonsense with this guy either, in fact
he’s listed as “the most trusted guy on the internet.”

I’m deeply honored to call him my friend and now you may have the
same opportunity to call him your friend. Below is a link that is
quietly being circulated among the gurus. It’s not advertised
because of the demand it will produce and the limited availability
for slots.

As you can see from the link, my friend is none other than
Willie Crawford. If you market on the net you’re going to
run into him everywhere. Remember his profound statement

Does Willie Crawford know you?

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You Can’t Fight The Law…

You can’t fight the law…

Copyright 2008 David Preston

I’m fortunate enough to be invited to many events as a speaker or as a guest of the promoter. So I get to attend a lot of events and network with a lot of great people. It always does my heart good to speak with other marketers and gurus who have been very successful since I last saw them.

They have been busy creating this or that and joint venturing with selected partners. I get to catch up and set up a few ventures of my own. πŸ™‚

There’s also another side to events that really bothers me though. I notice a lot of the same faces at events who are not so fortunate. As they elbow their way through the crowd “just to say hello” to me I can feel the desperation in them.

As I talk to them I realize that they haven’t made any progress at all since I last saw them. They tell all me about how they were barely able to afford the gas to get there, or they’re so behind in their bills it was “stupid” to attend right now, and the complaints go on and on.

My heart goes out to them and I always try to give them some direction on how to finally get started on the right path. Then I realize that I had already given them the same instructions at the last event they attended! Some of them can actually tell me what I said to them before!? The reason they haven’t made any progress finally hit me…

You can’t fight the law!

The law I’m referring to is Sir Issac Newton’s 3rd law. “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction!”

If you really think about it, that law applies to the laws of attraction, physics, gravity and all that we perceive to be around us.

They are afraid of the REACTION. So they take NO ACTION!

They make every excuse in the world as to why they haven’t started on that great idea they had since last year. The real dreamstealer for them though is Newton’s 3rd law.

My guru friends understand that law and use it to their advantage. Every single one of them, including me, will take action on an idea or concept and deal with the reaction as it comes. We use the reaction to our advantage too. The reaction of our followers tells us what we need to do to the new product to make it better for those who spend their money with us.

Here are just a few examples. Willie Crawford tells you what to do on the cover of his best selling book, “Git Off The Porch…”. Michael Penland named his incredible course, “Dare To Grow Rich”. Alan Bechtold said “If you’re not makin’ mistakes, you’re not doing anything!” and the list goes on and on. Do you see where I’m headed here?

We make mistakes and have frustrations too, just like you. The only difference between where you’re at and where we are is that we understand the law.

You can’t fight the law…


David Preston is an author, speaker, success coach and top rated small business consultant. His best selling products include: OfflineGoldmine InstantTopRanking TopSecretAudios and many others. He resides in coastal South Carolina with his wife Susan.

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Are Offline Clients Better Than Online Marketing?

I was recently asked by Michael Penland to speak at his Orlando, FL event alongside of some of the greatest marketers of all time. It was an honor to share the stage and rub elbows with a lot of those industry giants. The theme for the entire event was “internet marketing”, with the exception of me.
I was there to provide people a look at marketing to local businesses. The biggest difference between offline consultingΒ and online marketing is the caliber of people you’re dealing with.
In online marketing most marketers are going after the “average Joe” who wants to learn how to market on the internet. Kind of a strange world, but it works. Thes folks normally have regular jobs and are looking for a way to generate extra money. Most are not looking or expecting to replace their fulltime income. For the most part these people are “dabblers” and not fulltime marketers. Which normally means that they are not going to spend much money on a product until they have been shown that it can generate enough profit to justify the expense. At that point, they may buy a higher priced product delivered on the back end and you actually start to see some profit.
I’m fortunate to count some of the biggest marketers online as my friends. Most of those giants do not work one or two hours a day to generate the millions they make online. Most of them work twelve to fourteen hours a day at least five to six days a week! There are exceptions to this rule of course, but most work very hard to produce products that will actually help people.
In a recent case study Willie Crawford and I were challenged to create a product and have it live on the internet producing money in as little time as possible. Because of our schedules we had to start at midnight. By 5:54 am we had created a product and it had earned it’s first sale. You can see the results of that at: http://InstantTopRanking.comΒ It’s an audio course that teaches how Willie and I grab the top spots in Google for any product, often the same day. It’s still selling truckloads today at $9.97 so yes, it can be done.
Offline clients on the other hand are hard core business people. They already own their own local business and are swamped with the day to running of the business itself. They normally have a great grasp on traditional marketing but have no clue about marketing online. This is where we come in.
We can show brick and mortar business owners how to build a web presence, build a list of buyers, advertise their business effectively and cut their advertising expenses by at least 60/70 percent! Because of what we can offer them our services are in huge demand.
WhileΒ  you’re out shopping this weekend ask the local business owner this one question: “How do you stay in contact with your current customer base?” There’s a good chance they will look at you like you have two heads. That could be your opportunity to pick up a local client and profit handsomely from helping them.
Spend time trying to get a thousand people to a site to buy a $20 product….or speak to one business owner and earn $5,000. Seems like a real “no brainer” to me.
The OfflineGoldmine system teaches you exactly how to do just that. At less than a fast food dinner it can change your earning capacity almost overnight. Do the math, and decide which market is better for you.
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Learn to generate traffic for your clients fast…

One of the best of the best at traffic generation shows you how to generate mad traffic to any website you wish in less than 2 minutes per day.

Imagine learning killer traffic strategies for your clients in less than 2 minutes per day. Ross is hands down one of the best of the best at traffic. Really great stuff:

The greatest thing is that the total cost for this is less than $15!

Enjoy, this is killer stuff!


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Okay, I’ve pretty much had it…

I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

As you probably know, THE biggest trend
in history now is the local business angle.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because
the business owners do need the help, but
they need the right kind of help.

There are products being produced daily to
try and capitalize on that niche. The problem
is there are very few people who make those
products based on their experience in that field.

With licensed offices all through the U.S. and in
several countries, I think that would qualify
me as a definite “doer” not a talker.

This explains why I’m so upset:

Theory Peddlers

Have you ever heard of “theory peddler”?
If you have ever thought about the local business
market, you HAVE to see this before you spend a
penny on anything to do with that market!

I tell you exactly what NOT to buy, and how you
can tell if it is another “theory peddler” product.

I also explain the exact process these guys are using
to create and sell you their stuff. It’s a real eye opener.

Do yourself a favor and at least read what I’m telling you.
If you do nothing else at least you’ll be aware of what to
watch out for, and probably save a lot of wasted time and

Theory Peddlers

Whew, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?


P.S. I told ya I’ve pretty much had it.

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The “New” Paradigm In Marketing-Power Parallel Partnering?

As they say, “Everything Old Is New Again”.

Many of you have realized that there has been a HUGE
change in internet marketing this year.

Almost every “internet marketer” of any consequence is
now abandoning the net in droves. It’s a mass exodus
that has been a long time coming.

Why is this happening? There are a lot of reasons, but
the main reason is that they’re NOT making the money
in that arena anymore. What used to work for them is
not working on YOU any longer.

In other words, buyers are more educated and savvy
now so they have quit subscribing to their “push this
button and generate billions bull****”.

Did I just say that?! Yes I did! (Because it’s true.)

Now they’re all saying “the REAL money is in offline”.
So now they’re starting to enter MY arena in droves
with their “theories” systems and programs about
marketing offline.

I’ve been here all along. The internet was a very small
sideline “hobby” for me. I didn’t care if it produced for
me because I wasn’t depending on it for my livelyhood.

Before you subscribe to any more of their crap in this new
arena, ask yourself this question:

“How many offline clients does this guru actually have?”
Most of the time it’s a big fat zero. Which means they’re
peddling more “theory” products and systems…again.
Don’t buy into it. They’re not using what they’re selling
you in the offline world. They don’t know if it works or
not but they “think” it will work.

It’s enough to drive ya batty! (Me at least.)

They ARE right about one thing though. There is TONS
of real opportunity in this world. To prove that to you
I’m going to give you an e-course on Power Parallel
Partnering totally free.

This strategy is simple, fast and effective and has generated
an unheard of amount of clients, customers and money for
me and my clients.

Grab the course here:
Power Parallel Partnering

Get this concept and put it to use and I can guarantee you
that you will NEVER spend another dime on their garbage.
You really won’t need to. Save your hard earned cash to spend
on you.

Why am I doing this? Simply because I really want you to
understand that there really are millions to be made in my
world, and it doesn’t cost a penny to generate it πŸ™‚

Get your hands on this free e-course and get busy in the real
world of business. You won’t need a list, product OR money
to put this into motion, and it works incredibly fast. Well, as
fast as you do anyway…

Get it now before THEY get it and turn it into more…well you know!

Power Parallel Partnering

Hopefully I’ll hear your name from one of my clients soon. (I have
a LOT of them.)


Legendary Consultants Group

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Want to own a real business helping business owners?

As many of you know, I have pretty much pulled everything off the net, as I’m concentrating on building my offline business now.

I get tons of requests for products that I used to offer which show you how to work with local business owners, the right way πŸ˜‰

Here’s a freebie that will help you out IF you’re serious about getting too many clients to handle. It’s a step by step blueprint on how you can start and run your own very lucrative business, and still have time for plenty of vacations!

Give it a thorough read, and get busy!


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The Bachelor Costa Rica Getaway Contest!

The Bachelor Costa Rica Getaway Contest!

As a consulting firm we are honored and privileged to introduce a special contest we are sponsoring for our client The Springs Costa Rica. Hot springs fed from the nearby Arenal volcano provide some truly magical moments, which is the name of the contest!

This is your chance to win an all inclusive getaway in Costa Rica at our client’s property. This property is so beautiful that the popular TV show “The Bachelor” was just filmed there!

In honor of such a momentous occassion, we are offering a very special contest for a magic getaway for you and your spouse. It’s 100% *FREE* to enter and is worth almost seven grand!

You can see the property here:

The Springs Costa Rica

Having been there several times, I can tell you this place is the most wonderful escape you could ever imagine. Entries close February 28th so don’t delay.

Register to win here:

The Bachelor Costa Rica Contest

Good luck, and hopefully I’ll meet you there!


Legendary Consultants LLC

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Beta Test Coaching Launches…

Fortunately I get a lot of feedback from students all over the world. That helps to design systems they really need, or are lacking on their own.

As many of you know, I have been in local business consulting for over a dozen years. I started using a “stupidly simple” method about two months ago and it’s already produced great results πŸ™‚

1st month I implemented it = $1,500 in monthly residuals.

2nd month = $2,600

I’m currently on my third month and expect it to surpass 4K this month. Mind you, that includes what I “automatically” generate from the first two months. I simply invoice them and they continue to send me checks. Using this particular model allows me to meet with the business owner one time and generate an ongoing income from that point forward. That one meeting turns into an “evergreen” client who gladly pays over and over.

I shared this method with a few of my best guys and their results were just as good, if not better than mine. They convinced me to turn it into a system and allow others to benefit from it as well. ( I honestly wish I would have thought of this a long time ago!)

In order to succeed with this you will have to have some internet skills, but basic skills are all you need. You’ll have to be able to load a page, and do a little research but that’s about it. If you possess those skills, you can generate an incredible income-right in your own backyard!

I am starting a “beta” coaching program to teach others exactly how I’m doing this. It’s not difficult by any means but you do have to be willing to meet with local biz owners when they call you. (That’s right, I said call you!) They are already pre-sold on you, and have a real urgency to speak with you NOW.

I work on each of the accounts about 30 minutes per month using some selected systems and outsourcing most of the content. It gets them remarkable results for their business. A true win, win for everybody.

I normally charge $7,500 for coaching of this caliber, (and turn away folks because of capacity) but I was so excited about this new method I decided to do a beta test for $197! Why would I do that? The main reason are the case studies from those who participate. IF I decide to offer it as a full blown system later, I can charge a premium for it because I have proof positive that it works for everybody who has tried it πŸ™‚

If you’re willing to meet with local biz owners who really need your help this is your one opportunity to work with me for a ridiculously crazy one time investment. I’m only accepting a limited number of new students on this but those who participate are guaranteed to generate at least $12,000 in annual residuals. (You’ll have to see the page for specifics.)

Pretty cool huh? You help me, I help you and the biz owner gets to slap his competition.

Apply here: Beta Test With David

Hope to speak with you soon…


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My First Event Was Legendary!

My First Live Event Proved To Be Legendary

As many of you know I spent the most part of
last year on the road speaking at live events. I
was a featured speaker at 27 events last year
and it took almost all my time to keep up!

Last December I announced that I would not be
speaking at live internet marketing events again.
True to my word, I have turned down MANY offers
to speak this year.

Jeff Mills approached me in San Diego during one
event and asked if I would consider co-hosting my
own event with him.

After much consideration, I decided it was time for
me to host my own event. I knew what I wanted and
how I wanted it to be structured. Jeff and I decided
that the only speakers at our event would be “real”
offline marketing “gurus”.

What I mean by that is we would only allow you to
speak if we knew you were personally in the offline
consulting world doing it! No theories, no pitchfest,
no BS.

That decision led to what many are calling the best
event they have ever attended in their life. Full of
actionable content and presentations, it was an astounding

(You can get a replay here:

Jeff was a joy to work with and we were able to cover
opposite ends of the spectrum on stage together, and
we had a ton of fun! Attendees were already asking if
would have another, and another and so on.

We’re considering that, and I’ll keep you posted on how
that turns out πŸ™‚

If you missed it, you missed a monster event. You may
still be able to order the replay or dvd here:

Profit Offline

You’ll kick yourself if you miss this, I know I would!

Have a great day, just because you can.

David Preston
Legendary Consultants LLC.

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